The 'slip roll' effect (on DJM 900/2000 mixers)

20th Jun 2013 | 13:56

The 'slip roll' effect (on DJM 900/2000 mixers)

DJ Expo 2013 and Point Blank give you five essential tips to improve your technique

The 'Slip Roll' effect is found on Pioneer's DJM 900 and 2000 mixers and records short samples of a track.

Ben Bristow, head DJ tutor at Point Blank - the world's best music production and DJ school - brings you five essential DJ tips, tricks and cheats that could make the difference between a killer set and death on the decks.

To find out more about Point Blank courses, pleaseemail their course advisorsor call +44(0) 20 7729 4884 andcheck out the full brochure.

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