8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins

9th Jun 2011 | 12:48

8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Classic sounds reborn

What is it about vintage analogue synthesizers of the ‘70s and ‘80s that engenders such passion in musicians? Why the love affair with those quirky contraptions? After all, they were unstable, undependable and, for a very long time, strictly monophonic.

Time has only made these drawbacks seem more severe, and now we can add that they’re hard to find, hard to afford and even harder to maintain.

And yet the simplicity and raw power of the analogue synth is hard to deny. Bells and whistles be damned, these instruments were easy to use and satisfied the sonic soul in a particular way that the workstations of the following decades never could.

Electronic musicians have always dreamed of harnessing the sonic firepower of the analogue synth and combining it with conveniences like patch memory, dependable tuning and greater polyphony. Enter software synthesizers. They’re stable and reliable, offering total recall, multiple instances and niceties like velocity, aftertouch and tons of polyphony. Better still, they do it for less than what it costs to have the keys on a Minimoog rebushed.

To help you pick the right analogue synth emulation plug-in, we’ve rounded up eight of the best for further scrutiny (they’re listed in no particular order). To keep it focused, we’re leaving semi-modulars (like the EMS VCS3 and ARP 2600) and modulars (like the Moog Modular) out of it. And while it’s true that there are many other emulations we could have included, the eight on test have proven highly popular - if sometimes controversial - and have even won over some diehard retro-fetishists.

All are available for PC and Mac in VST, AU and RTAS formats.


8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
XILS-Lab polyKB II

Following the stunning XILS 3 (a VCS3-alike), this gorgeous instrument takes after the legendary - and exceedingly rare - RSF PolyKobol.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
GForce Oddity

One of the first (and still only) emulations to win over diehard users of the real deal, this accurately captures the quirky, characteristic sound of the ARP Odyssey.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Korg Polysix

A recreation of Korg’s own early ‘80s synth of the same name, Polysix is ideal for those looking for something quick and easy with a killer analogue punch.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
GForce Minimonsta

Moog’s venerable Minimoog was one of the first synths to be copied, but GForce took a unique approach in modelling a specific, very early unit with real balls.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Arturia Jupiter-8V

Big, boisterous and bombastic, this recreation of the classic, coveted Roland Jupiter-8 has a massive sound and an awesome line-up of features.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Arturia CS80V

The Yamaha CS80 was a heavyweight hit, offering polyphony, a ribbon controller and aftertouch. Arturia’s effort has the garish look, if not the growl.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Korg Mono/Poly

The Mono/Poly is just as much an odd duck as the original instrument, with some curious features that make it a particularly intriguing synth.

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8 great vintage synth VST plug-ins
Arturia Minimoog V

Arturia’s take on the Minimoog had a rocky start, even if it was endorsed by Dr Moog himself. Updates have since made it one of the most authentic emulations.

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