8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins

3rd Aug 2011 | 11:06

8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
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...because we don't all have access to a cathedral to record in.

For many years, reverb was arguably software’s weak spot, with the average plug-in e­ffort being a cold, metallic cousin to its rich, lush hardware relations.

You could say that space really was the ­final frontier for plug-in developers, but it’s one that they’ve well and truly conquered in recent times because there are now scores of excellent reverb plug-ins to choose from.

Not so long ago, convolution reverb was all the rage - this essentially uses samples of real spaces or other reverb devices, as opposed to simulating a space mathematically, which is what algorithmic reverbs do.

But algorithmic reverb has fought back hard, proving that both approaches can offer stunning results.

In this round-up we’re looking at some of our favourite algorithmic reverb plug-ins. Make room…

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
112dB Redline Reverb
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - €149

This one blew our mind upon its release with its single ­flexible algorithm and quick interface.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
eaReckon EAReverb
PC & Mac/VST, AU - $129

This impressed us with its natural spaces. It was marked down slightly for not having any really big halls, but this has since been rectified in an update.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
Softube TSAR-1
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - $411

With a GUI inspired by Lexicon’s LARC remote control units, it’s not hugely surprising that this one delivers quality digital reverb.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
ValhallaDSP ValhallaRoom
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - $50

Only functional niggles held this lush ’verb back from higher marks, but swift updates have seen some of these issues laid to rest already.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
2C Audio Aether 1.5
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - $249

We awarded v1.0 a five star score and it quickly became one of our top reverbs. v1.5 took it to the next level.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
Lexicon PCM Bundle
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - £1199

…Or, to give it its full title, the PCM Native Reverb Plug-in Bundle. This brings the famous PCM96 hardware’s algorithms to plug-in form. And no, the price isn’t a typo.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
Universal Audio EMT250
PC & Mac/VST, AU, FL - $249

A painstaking UAD‑2 emulation of the first ever digital reverb, the EMT250. It still sounds terrific, although it can’t match the ­flexibility of modern reverbs.

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8 great algorithmic reverb plug-ins
Audio Damage Eos
PC & Mac/VST, AU - $49

This one offers three algorithms: two plates and the cavernous Superhall. Incidentally, all are designed by ValhallaDSP’s Sean Costello.

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