8 fabulous filter plug-ins

17th May 2012 | 15:14

8 fabulous filter plug-ins
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The filter is one of the staples of the modern studio. At the most basic level, a filter allows some frequencies through but not others. Throw in resonance and you can add edge to filter cutoff points.

LFO, envelope and/or sequence control of the filter’s frequency range and resonance takes things to yet another level, while different filter types can transform the character entirely.

Multiple filters stacked in parallel or placed in series can put dizzying degrees of complex sonic shaping at your control. Finally, clever controls and setup can aid performances and active modulation.

Of course, you don’t need all of these features all of the time, and filters can vary greatly in sound, from warm and natural to edgy and digital.

To help you decide which is right for you, we’ve rounded-up some of the very best filter plug-ins on the market today.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Tone2 BiFilter2
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $40

While this one doesn’t offer modulation, it does benefit from a ridiculous array of 47 filter types, many of which are quite unusual. It has a distortion section too.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Vengeance-Sound Philta XL
PC, Mac/VST, AU, £48

This looks far simpler than it is - get to know it and you’ll find it to be an envelope-driven powerhouse and formidable loop enhancer.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Audio Damage Filterstation
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $49

Less bizarre than AD’s usual efforts, this is adept at conventional filtering, loop twisting and, especially, performance.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Sonalksis Creative Filter
PC, Mac/VST, AU, €95

Strictly bread and butter, the plug-in formerly known as TBK1 is a workhorse basic filter that has been enhancing tracks for many years.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Ohm Force Quad Frohmage
PC, Mac/VST, AU, €99

In plug-in terms, this is a vintage bit of kit, but it’s still used widely. The limited presets don’t really show it off, but it’s a mangler’s delight for those in the know.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Sound Toys FilterFreak 2
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $179

Capable of all manner of phasing, bouncing and mangling antics. There’s something really organic and vintage about FilterFreak 2’s tone.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
FabFilter Volcano 2
PC, Mac/VST, AU, £94

It can do basic filtering, but with this kind of mental power, why would you limit yourself? The massive modulation potential is Volcano 2’s calling card.

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8 fabulous filter plug-ins
Sugar Bytes WOW
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $99

A formant filter that is just as comfortable with the basics as it is with oral emulations. Great for livening up anything you care to put into it.

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