Paul Gilbert video guitar lessons

10th Jul 2008 | 12:42

Paul Gilbert video guitar lessons

All of our Paul Gilbert guest videos - with free, high-quality tab

Paul Gilbert is one of the world's premier guitarists. Known for his work with Mr. Big and Racer X, Paul possesses god-like technique, and he's a fantastic teacher to boot.

Paul was kind enough to lend us some of his expertise, and we've put the resulting lessons together below - in which Paul reveals the secrets of his awesome technique. Each of our Paul Gilbert video lessons has free, high-quality tab and expert insight into how to play each lick.

The lessons

1. Paul Gilbert tapping masterclass
Paul shows off his ludicrously tight two-handed tapping technique - and shows you how to do it too

2. Paul Gilbert's power-piano guitar lick
Paul demonstrates how borrowing licks from other instruments can improve your technique

3. A killer string bending lick from Paul Gilbert
Finger-rolling whilst bending the string is a tricky business, but as Paul demonstrates, mastering the technique can give you some pretty wild results

4. Paul Gilbert on playing rhythmically
Paul demonstrates how anchoring a solo around a rhythm can make things far more musical

5. Paul Gilbert on pentatonic legato patterns
If you're stuck at a certain speed and want to get some rip-roaring licks under your fingers, a simple pentatonic pattern can be the answer

6. Super-fast blues guitar with Paul Gilbert
Think the blues is best-served slow? Here Paul offers a slightly different take on the classic genre...

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