Ask MusicRadar: who's the best producer working today?

21st Sep 2009 | 10:03

Name your favourite and tell us why they rule

Best producer working today

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed. VOTE HERE ->

Although many of us dream of 'making it' as an artist, the truth is that, in the case of the majority of stars, the real power lies behind the throne. Or, more correctly, behind the faders.

Producers have always been an important part of the music business, but these days, it feels like their role is more crucial than ever. They operate in all manner of different ways, with some liking to get hands-on and others bringing little more than a 'vibe' into the studio, but whatever their methods, the best producers seem to be able to all but guarantee a record's success.

What MusicRadar wants to establish, though, is who's the best helmsman in the business, and we want the nominations for the title to come from you. Bear in mind that we're only considering people who are working today, so votes for George Martin won't be counted and, given his current address, it's safe to consider Phil Spector unemployable, too.

Artists who self-produce can be nominated but, unless they've also done notable work for someone else, they're unlikely to figure in our final list.

What to do now

Decide who you think is the best producer working today, then give us the name and reasons for the nomination by one of the following methods.

Via MusicRadar (log in and leave a comment below with a link as usual)

Via Twitter (follow @musicradar and tag your submission with #askmusicradar)

Via Facebook (become a fan at and post suggestions on our wall)

Or via (just send an email the old-fashioned way)

Once we've got all your nominations, we'll create a shortlist, a poll and finally your definitive list of the best producers in the business.

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