Ask MusicRadar: what's the best bass guitar under £300?

27th Jul 2009 | 14:32

Help out those bassists on a budget

Bass guitar

Got bass? © Alistair Baker/Corbis

UPDATE: Nominations are now closed. VOTE HERE ->

While the search for the best low-powered tube head under £300 and the ultimate heavy metal amp continue to split the room, Ask MusicRadar is turning back to guitars: what's the best bass under £300?

So, while we count up the votes for the best acoustic (last chance to choose!) and Epiphone's ES-335 Dot continues to look smug at the top of the best electrics under £300 tree, we need you to name your favourite 4-string. Or 5-string. Or… ok, any number of strings. But if you can find a 12-string bass guitar under £300 we may raise a collective eyebrow at its playability potential.

What to do now

Choose your bass (electric or acoustic), double check the street price (no second hand prices, if you please), log in and post your suggestion and a reason for picking it in the comments below. As always, your definitive list will follow in the coming weeks. Cheers…

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