Ask MusicRadar: what are the best electric guitars under £1000?

6th Jan 2010 | 13:08

Help find the finest mid-price axes money can buy


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Welcome to Ask MusicRadar, a section devoted entirely to you - the all-knowing, gear-buying, gear-playing and all-round gear-loving community. This week we're asking: what are the best electric guitars under £1000?

You've already chosen the finest in the under £300 category, and an excellent, extensive collection of 22 axes it is too. But moving up a price bracket (£300-£1000), things start to get complicated. There's a whole world of manufacturers, options and body types to consider. Not to mention modern versus vintage reissues… It all starts to get very subjective indeed.

So, you can nominate as many as you like. You might own a workhorse solidbody and a semi-hollow blingtastic deluxe, but neither is 'better' than the other because they are equally effective depending on the situation and genre. It's all about context. A Telecaster is better at being a Telecaster than a Les Paul is, but can that Telecaster do fat bluesy sustain like a Les Paul?

The point is, if they're A) electric guitars, B) they cost between £300-£1000 (check the street price – no second hand prices, if you please) and C) you think they're amazing, we want to know. Just be sure to tell us why…

What to do now

Get involved! Choose your favourite axes and share them (tell us the makes and models and reasons why) like this:

We'll be left with a list of the best mid-priced electrics your money can buy - the ultimate buyers' guide. A gallery of results to follow soon…

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