Slap bass 101

25th Feb 2014 | 23:59

Slap bass 101

We take a quick look at the method behind the madness that is slap bass.

BASS EXPO 2014: The basics of this much-discussed technique come down to two motions: the slap and the pop. For this lesson, we look at how you can follow in the footsteps of players like Flea and Victor Wooten to get started in the world of slap bass.

Throughout this video series, tutor Matt Mead is playing a Cort Artisan B4 20th bass guitar through a Hartke Kickback 15 combo amp.

The B4 bass features Bartolini MK-1 Pickups and MK-1 EQ, complimenting the natural tone of the mahogany or swamp ash body. And thanks to Hipshot Lic. Tuners, tuning accuracy and stability is exactly what you'll get on the stylish, versatile, and affordable B4 bass.

Hartke's Kickback 15 combo amp houses the revolutionary Two-Way (upright and tilt back) cabinet design, plus a custom Hartke 15-inch aluminum cone driver, the unique Shape control for accurate tone shaping, a three-band EQ, passive/active input jack, and balanced XLR Out.

An experienced bassist and teacher, Mead is currently playing bass guitar with fast-rising UK rockers Empire.

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