Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013

10th Jan 2013 | 15:16

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
What can we expect from the drumming big hitters?

The Bonzo Bash is back – and it’s bigger than ever with scores of top drummers heading to California for the night-long spectacular. We’ve picked out a few sticksmen that we can’t wait to see sit behind Natal’s Bonham replica kit and bash out a Zep classic. Head here for more details on the show.

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Nicko McBrain and Carmine Appice to host Bonzo Bash

He may be busy co-hosting the event, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the Iron Maiden man has a Zep tune up his sleeve. Could it be Rock and Roll? Well, he’s got some history with that one, having recorded it with the Full Metal Rackets – a band also featuring tennis heroes John McEnroe and Pat Cash.

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Ray Luzier

Korn’s Ray Luzier is an undoubted powerhouse, and he’s no stranger to the Bonzo Bash. Luzier was at the kit during last year’s show, playing through Achilles Last Stand. And yes, it was awesome.

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Mike Portnoy

A perfect fit for the Bonzo Bash. Portnoy has, of course, already shown his love for Bonham by launching his own Zeppelin tribute band (even going as far as getting him that Bonham trademark hat). In the clip below he bravely takes on Moby Dick, will he do the same again in California?

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Stephen Perkins

Jane’s Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins is a groove machine. When we last spoke with him he admitted to us that he “can’t stop swinging” behind the kit. So again, this one will be very interesting, seeing Perkins’ trademark swing stamped all over a Bonham beat. Perkins tackling Fool In The Rain, perhaps? Now that we’d like to see.

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Steven Adler

The drummer from one of rock’s greatest ever bands paying tribute to arguably the greatest rock drummer ever? We’ll have a piece of that. It wouldn’t be a first for Adler, as you can see from the clip below. Will it be All of My Love again for the G’NR man come 24 January?

Video: The stars of Bonzo Bash 2013
Dave Lombardo

Another Bonzo Bash alumni, Slayer’s Lombardo played No Quarter back in 2011, and as you can see he was well and truly on it. What else would you expect from Dave Lombardo?

The Bonzo Bash takes placeat The Observatory in Anaheim, California on 24 January. Head here for more details.

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