Video: Karl Brazil and Dion Dublin demo The Dube

5th Jul 2010 | 15:53

Former Manchester United striker Dion Dublin has swapped footballs for drum sticks by moving into the percussion world. Come inside for a sneak peek at his new invention and a demo from Dion and drumming ace Karl Brazil…

Karl brazil

We recently caught up with Dion Dublin and drum ace Karl Brazil (Feeder/Robbie Williams) and they filled us in on whether drummers need to be as fit as Premier League footballers (insert your own England's performance at the World Cup joke here). You can read all about that in the latest issue of Rhythm.

Karl and Dion also give us the lowdown on Dion's new percussion instrument - The Dube. Check out the video below to see The Dube in action and pick up Rhythm's August issue (on sale now) to read all about how the Dion came up with the concept, as well as all of the latest drum news, interviews, tuition and gear reviews.

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