MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed

15th Apr 2011 | 09:47

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Pearl Masters Premium Legend kit
A Legend is born

The Masters Premium of 2011 is available in two sonically enhanced shell sets giving drummers a choice of either a Classic, fully focused 4 ply Maple shell or an open, full toned 6 ply Maple shell. While MMP drums use a rotating combination of both 1.6mm and .9mm wood plies in its shell construction, the all new Masters Premium Legend uses only .9mm thick plies in its construction.

The new Legend series is a direct reaction to the constant demands from the drummers of today wanting more tone, more warmth and more flexibility in today’s recording environment.

Both the MMP and the new Legend Series feature upgraded low mass aluminium Opti-Mounts, Masterworks / Reference bass drum spurs, bass drum claws, floor tom legs and leg brackets.

Masters Legend Series includes Pearl's Fat Tone Hoops on all toms and floor toms. Masters Legend snare drums also feature Pearl’s premium low-mass swivel tube lugs along with Pearl’s Golden-Ratio air vents for improved low end response on toms and bass drums and improved attack on snare drums.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Matt Nolan B15 cymbals
Flat out

Office favourite and genius cymbalsmith Matt Nolan had a full range of B15 cymbals at the show (alongside his other many and varied creations). We particularly liked this flat ride.

We recently reviewed some of Matt's cymbals and were suitably impressed. If you haven't heard of Matt before, check out our thoughts here.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Tama Starclassic
A fine vintage

Following an increasing trend of applying vintage finishes to modern kits, check out this cool Lacquered Black Oyster (LBO) finish, which is a special limited edition offering for the Starclassic Performer B/B set.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Great look! Great sound?
The jury's still out...

One of the most striking stands at the show came courtesy of Sonor, who had hooked up with a funky new company called Pimp Your Bass Drum.

These striking bass drum heads are made from two sheets of acrylic glass, featuring graphics accurately cut with a laser, and which house a ring of LEDs that illuminate whatever image or graphic you have on the front of the head. The colour and action of the lights can then be controlled by the drummer to provide a great visual effect.

We heard the drum in action and, as expected, the sound was extremely dry and attack-y. Not ideal for everyone, but for those seriously into visuals, these are worth checking out.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Dixon Black Widow kit
Our spidey senses are tingling

This new kit range from Dixon is adorned with a cracking spiderweb design applied to its 9ply mahogany shells.

The five-piece kit come in 22"x18", 10"x8", 12"x9", 14"x13" and 14"x6.5" sizes with add-on drums also available. The kit is then finished with black hardware.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Create some space

This is something you don't see every day (although it has been tried plenty of times before). These 'shell-less' drums are customisable, via sliding rails, and allow for plenty of sound choices. The manufacturers are also keen to point out that, by investing in this kit, you will also save space...

The jury's still out to be honest, but nice to see people thinking outside the box.

MusikMesse 2011: New gear revealed
Special Pearl charity auction
Pearl donate to a good cause

One more from Pearl...

The drum company has produced a rare Miniature Masterworks Artisan Drum kit in special small sizes for children. The kit will be auctioned with all proceeds being donated to the 'Save the Children Japanese appeal'.

This unique kit is finished in Tamo Scuba Blue Artisan finish, with all the hardware finished in gold. It really is a stunner.

For those interested, the web auction will start on June 1st 2011. You can get all the info you need here.

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