In Pictures: Highwood's Hallmark Snare

1st Jul 2010 | 12:10

In Pictures: Highwood's Hallmark Snare
Highwood Hallmark Snare
A very special birthday present

Having ventured into metal drum making with HighWood’s Hammer snare, company founder Gareth Heeley decided to focus on quality rather than production costs when putting together plans for his second metal monster – The Hallmark.

He explains: “The drum was pure self-indulgence, fixed around the idea of creating something for our birthday, to celebrate how far we have come from such humble beginnings, all I knew is I wanted to make an aluminium drum and I didn’t want it to be like any other aluminium drum out there.”

By the looks of these shots, it seems that it’s mission accomplished for Gareth and the HighWood team…

In Pictures: Highwood's Hallmark Snare
Whole lotta metal
Tech specs...

The shell you're looking at is 1" thick solid CNC machined aluminium with 60 degree bearing edges. The drum also come fully loaded with a Trick USA GS007 aluminium throw, CNC machined lugs, cast and CNC machined aluminium hoops, stainless steel tension rods, bronze snare wires and Evans heads.

In Pictures: Highwood's Hallmark Snare
"100% convinced"
Beauty and a beast of a sound

It’s fair to say that Gareth is confident that the Hallmark not only looks stunning, but also sounds fantastic as well. “Having tested the prototype with my band both in rehearsals and at gigs, I’m 100 percent convinced we have a unique instrument, in both sound and spec.”

In Pictures: Highwood's Hallmark Snare
Individually crafted
Time to dig out the piggy bank?

Put together during 2009, the Hallmark is now ready and raring to go, with HighWood taking orders for the snare right now. Each drum ordered will be made individually rather than manufactured in bulk and can be chosen in 14”x4”, 5”, 6” or 7” depths. If you get in quick you can bag yourself one for £999, rather than the usual retail price of £1355. For more information contact HighWood at

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