First look: Carrera Drums Terrier drum kit

6th Sep 2010 | 14:58

First look: Carrera Drums Terrier drum kit
Carrera Drums Terrier kit

If you've picked up the new 25th anniversary issue of Rhythm you should have noticed the massive competition we're running (if not, then get yourselves to page 72 NOW!). One of the main prizes is a brand new Terrier drum kit and snare from UK builders Carrera Drums.

On the diminutive, single-headed kit Mr Dave Carrera himself told Rhythm, "The idea behind this kit is to offer vintage '80s style with a truly modern sound. It takes up 30 percent less floorspace but has full attack and projection."

The full kit spec includes:

18"x14" bass drum, 8"x5" and 10"x6" rack toms and 12"x10" floor tom. The kit is finished with a high gloss lacquer in the original 'Terrier' finish. Other features include classic tube lugs, vintage wood hoops and vintage chrome claws on toms. The bass drum is supplied with a riser and the toms are topped with Evans G2 Clears on the toms and an Emad Clear on the bass drum.

Dave was also kind enough to supply a brand new Terrier snare for the comp (the kit is available as a shell pack):

13"x3 3/4" 6mm Birch shell, high gloss lacquer in the original 'Terrier' finish, classic tube lugs, vintage style strainer, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, Carrera/Baskey Red Hot Wires, Carrera/Baskey gig case and Evans Genera Coated batter and Evans Hazy 300 reso.

First look: Carrera Drums Terrier drum kit
More eye-candy

Dave continues: “Like a happy accident, when Chris from Rhythm contacted me to supply the 25th anniversary competition prize, there was only one kit I could offer. The Terrier kit has been designed to bring back the '80s concert tom look, but deliver a thoroughly modern sound."

First look: Carrera Drums Terrier drum kit
Small but deadly...

Funnily enough, Dave has been playing for as long as Rhythm has been around: "The Terrier is based on the look of the concert tom kits I played back when I started drumming 25 years ago."

Dave says the Terrier kit, despite its size, has proven to deliver at his gigs in pubs and clubs. Exactly what this little beast was designed for.

First look: Carrera Drums Terrier drum kit
Serial number 0001

To find out more head to and check out the latest issue of Rhythm, on sale now, to find out how to win this kit and many other amazing prizes...

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a review of the kit in a forthcoming issue of Rhythm.

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