Prodyon Randomax £0

15th Jan 2008 | 12:55

Prodyon Randomax

Are our main reviews proving too long for you? Then kick back with this bite-sized appraisal…

MusicRadar rating:

2.5 stars

A disappointment.


A good idea!


Poor sounds.

Pandomax is a VST drum machine with a unique selling point: its settings can be easily randomised with a specialised menu.

Randomax has 11 drum sections, each of which can use either one or two WAV files to create its sounds, along with a selection of controls including transpose, gain, pan and the like. More than 800 drum samples are included, but sadly, most are pretty poor.

In fact, quite a few of the kick and snare samples don't really sound much like kicks or snares at all, and most of the toms sound nothing like any toms – real or synthesized – that we've heard before.

This is a pity, because the idea behind Randomax – easy drum kit randomisation – is a good one. However, Prodyon are promising a second version, enabling you to use your own drum sounds – now that really might be something worth investing in.

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