Logitech Squeezebox Boom £199

6th May 2008 | 08:59

Logitech Squeezebox Boom

Fill your rooms with musical streams

MusicRadar rating:

4 stars

A user-friendly and powerful system for streaming your files


Solid, punchy audio. Easy to set up and use. Supports most audio file types


Need to install a Squeezebox network rather than use an existing one

The original Squeezebox, and subsequent Squeezebox Duet, need to be plugged into an amplifier or hi-fi to work.

However, Logitech's latest in its line of wi-fi -enabled music streamers exploits the company's proficiency in iPod docks to offer streaming and speakers in one tight package.

Looking like a radio alarm clock, partly because it is one, the Squeezebox Boom features 30W of on-board amplification, and two 0.75in tweeters, matched with two 3in woofers.

It's certainly enough power to bark out any MP3s you happen to have on your network. And it's capable of streaming internet radio, to boot.

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