Iiyama ProLite E2207WSV £165

30th Apr 2008 | 14:39

Iiyama ProLite E2207WSV

Strong, vibrant images are the order of the day with this competent monitor

MusicRadar rating:

4 stars

Strange connectivity aside, this is a great monitor with an attractive asking price


Great value. Vibrant and crisp pictures. Good viewing angle


No DVI connection

DVI ports are now standard issue even on cheapo screens, while HDMI sockets are popping up with increasing regularity.

The Iiyama ProLite E2207WSV's single VGA input, therefore, had us a little baffled at first. But then £165 is extremely affordable for a 22-inch widescreen monitor.

In practice, the VGA interface delivered a crisp, interference-free image, too. That said we'd still prefer to have a DVI port. It guarantees a perfect image regardless of the GPU you use.

Anywho, despite the absence of a digital interface, the ProLite spanks its closest competitor, LG's Flatron, for pure image quality. It's brighter more vibrant and boasts much more satisfying colours.

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