Bunker 8 Deep Dub Rising £55

26th Oct 2007 | 14:14

Bunker 8 Deep Dub Rising

Can Bunker 8 capture the elusive 'good' Dub pack?

MusicRadar rating:

1.5 stars

A poor attempt from a usually solid sample producer. Avoid.


You don't have to buy it.


Poor choice of samples and instruments. Nasty, clipped sounds.

Dub libraries can be tricky things to get right, and unfortunately, Deep Dub Rising – from the usually excellent Bunker 8 – doesn't get it right at all.

DDR fails to capture the authentic dub sound in the same way that sitting in a shopping trolley fails to capture the excitement of professional Formula One racing.

Many of the sounds are poorly recorded or clipped and the whole vibe is way off – what's with the 'rock' guitars? Whatever this is, it isn't dub, and it's not particularly good, either.

The perfect present for anyone who hates dub, music production in general, and themselves.

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