VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27

26th Oct 2011 | 08:39

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
Plug-in babies

From high end hardware emulations to boundary pushing audio editing, it's been a busy week in the wonderful world of plug-ins.

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VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
Slate Digital RC-Tube

Slate Digital have become renowned for their exceptional emulations of classic bits of hardware. This chunk of a 1950s broadcast console looks set to continue that trend.

The pack consists of two plugins: Virtual Channel (applied to mixing channels) and Virtual Mixbuss (applied to master fader). The RC Tube Channel is intended to be placed on the inserts of mix channels, and the RC Tube Mixbuss is intended as the first insert on a master fader. Together, this plug-in set is designed to recreate the lovely fat and warm sound of a vintage tube mixer.

Download the demo or purchase the plug-in here

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
Tonebytes Wowcoder

Wowcoder is a new VST effect plug-in for Windows that aims to recreate the classic sound of a 16-band vocoder.

There's no internal carrier signal, so you'll have to route your own synth sound through it before you're away singing the hits of Kraftwerk. But for the micro price of€9.99, who's complaining?

Check out the download here

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
Audio Damage Filterstation

Based on classic filter like the Sherman Filterbank, Filterstation is the Audio Damage take on the classic serial/parallel/stereo dual filter. It's built around a stereo filter and envelope follwer, for all the wahs, whops, wacka, woos and noinks you'll ever need

Accoring to Audio Damage there are twelve filter algorithms (including our all-new MS20 low-pass and high-pass emulations), an envelope follower, saturation, and an easy-to-use interface. It's $49 and available now!

Available now to purchase from here

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
Celemony Melodyne Editor 2.0

There's some brand new scaling technology, ReWire capability and even more powerful timing tools in this fresh update.

Throwing in the ability to scale music to more than just the standard black and white keys of most western music, Melodyne now adds new True Scale & Tuning functions, that offer those who produce Arab, Indian or contemporary and microtonal music the function set for editing their work with Melodyne.

Timing tools are improved with a new Attack Speed tool, allowing you to edit the starting transients, that are so determinative of the sound – for each note separately.

Available in Novemeber for €399

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 27
G-Sonique Mid-Side

This PC only tool let's you dig deep in the stereo information of your track to widen and vitalize that stereo sound.

According to G-Sonique it is brand new way of controlling and effecting the stereo space of your mixes, adding ambiance, depth and colour/higher harmonics to the stereo (side) part of your music. It's just €12.90 for the first 100 customer, so hurry along to the link below!

Download it here

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