VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 19

4th Aug 2011 | 10:41

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 19
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This week Native Instruments has announced a whole host of plug-in goodies due to arrive in September - including an update to Kontakt and a new edition of the Komplete software bundle series.

For now however, we have a spectral morphing instrument, a mastering compressor and a new synth from discoDSP to get our teeth into.

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VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 19
Sonivox Twist
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $149.99

A new spectral morphing instrument that’s said to be based on “a new type of synthesis”. Its interface promises to make creating your own sounds easy, and Twist features ‘intelligent’ performance controls. There are several effects and 200 presets to get you started.

Buy Sonivox Twist

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 19
discoDSP Corona
PC, Mac/VST, AU, €99

discoDSP’s latest is a synth that combines virtual analogue and wave oscillators. There are three LFOs, three ADSR envelopes, plus unison, chorus, delay and limiter effects and analogue-modelled filters. All of the above is wrapped up in what’s being pitched as a straightforward interface.

Buy or download demo of discoDSP Corona

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 19
Sonoris Audio Engineering Mastering Compressor
PC, Mac/VST, AU, €199

Sonoris puts their skills to the task of creating a compressor suitable for delicate material. Residual artifacts are reduced using up to 8x upsampling. Character fiends can take comfort in the hard knee function. Four processing modes are available, including Mixed Linked, Highest Linked, Variable and MS Split.

Buy Mastering Compressor or grab the demo


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