VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14

15th Jun 2011 | 11:37

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
Releases and retirements

It’s been quite a week for Native Instruments: it’s discontinued its Kore platform and launched a new range of effects. But other plug-in developers have been hard at work too, notably Steinberg, which has finally released the new version of its soft sampler. Read on to find out more.

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VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
Steinberg HALion 4
PC, Mac/VST, AU, £295

After approximately 12 thousand years in development, HALion 4 is finally here. This update to Steinberg’s sampler adds (among other things) an integrated analogue-style synth, a flexible interface, VST 3.5 and VST Expression 2 support, an updated library, easy sound programming via the MegaTrig feature, and the FlexPhraser arpeggiator.

Buy Steinberg HALion 4

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
Lithium Sound Raider
PC/VST, $15

This 2-oscillator synth takes sonic inspiration from Roland’s TB-303 and 8-bit game sounds from the ‘80s (hence its retro appearance). Pitch and filter cutoff can be modulated by two step sequencers, which are tempo-synced. 32 presets are included to get you started.

Buy Lithium Sound Raider

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
EastWest Hollywood Brass
PC, Mac/VST, AU, RTAS, $995/$595

The follow-up to EastWest’s Hollywood Strings features 150GB of “pure Hollywood Magic”. All the instruments were recorded at five user-mixable mic positions, and there are multiple playing techniques. Diamond and Gold Editions are available, and if you pre-order now, you’ll get them at a reduced price.

Buy EastWest Hollywood Brass

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
MellowMuse CP3V/CS1V
PC, Mac/VST, AU, RTAS, $99/$59

MellowMuse’s Vintage Series has two additions: the CP3V is a vintage compressor with variable attack, release and ratio controls, while the CS1V is a saturation plug-in for adding the subtle depth and colouration that you’d get from an analogue console.

Buy or download demo of MellowMuse CP3V/CS1V

VST/AU plug-in instrument/effect round-up: Week 14
SKnote Necklace
PC, Mac/VST, AU, $19.99

Another new one from SKnote - this time it’s giving us a spring reverb. It uses physical modelling technology and features six springs that can be used in various combinations. We’re told that Necklace can produce both ‘nice’ and ‘twisted’ reverb effects depending on how you set it up.

Buy SKnote Necklace


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