Steve Lawler's favourite music software

4th Jul 2011 | 14:07

Steve Lawler's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“I use Ableton Live as a slave in the background of Logic on most of the singles and remixes that I make. It’s a really cool program for chopping up loops and messing around with noise to create intricate sounds. I create a lot of my soundscape here - those sounds and noises that sit quietly in the background of a track to give it some depth and mood.”

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Steve Lawler's favourite music software
Spectrasonics Trilian

“This is the ultimate bass module - a one-stop shop for every kind of bass sound you could ever want or need to use. Trilian also includes the classic - and now discontinued - Trilogy bass module. I like the way that I can envelope the bass to really squeeze it tight and produce a beautiful compressed warm bass. In my opinion, Trilian is a must for every studio.”

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Steve Lawler's favourite music software
Sonic Charge MicroTonic

“This is a powerful little tool for coming up with techy rhythms and randomisations. If you’re playing around with it and it drops something very strange on you, you can then dissect it and take away just the small intricate sounds/parts that you want. After that, you can add onboard FX and move the sound pattern around to create some very interesting ideas. MicroTonic has a unique sound - very synthetic and futuristic. It’s a must for any techno or dubstep producer.”

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Steve Lawler's favourite music software
Native Instruments Reaktor

“You still can’t beat this modular synth for out-there sounds. When you’re searching for something to make your weird and wonderful, glitched-up, futuristic leads, this is the place to go. Reaktor is a monster of a plug-in, and it contains so much to do and fuck with.”

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Steve Lawler's favourite music software
Native Instruments Maschine

“I like using Maschine because it reminds me of the old Akai samplers. It’s a nice way to play around and create some interesting drum programming. I always appreciate having something in my studio that allows me to get hands-on with tasks like the programming of drums.”

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