Stanton Warriors' favourite music software

19th Aug 2011 | 11:22

Stanton Warriors' favourite music software
FXpansion Geist

“Geist has pretty much replaced ReCycle in our workflow for chopping beats now - it’s so much quicker and gives way more scope for manipulation. Also, its auto-sampler - which cuts up beats live and lays them out automatically to pads - is massively useful when resampling beats out of our [E-MU} SP-1200.”

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Stanton Warriors' favourite music software
D16 Decimort

“We’re loving this little dirtbox for beating up drum hits. It doesn’t sound like your average bitcrusher. Its added preamp and filters make emulating the sound of older gear with reduced bitrates and quirky filtered outputs a breeze, and its list of presets will add fairly convincing MPC60 crunch, SP-1200 dirt and even Casio FZ-1 filth to your beats.”

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Stanton Warriors' favourite music software
Vengeance-Sound Metrum

“This is a great time-saver - it’s an easy way to make well-rounded kicks that punch and cut through the mix. It has some great attack sounds and a solid, tuneable bottom end that can be layered and tweaked separately. The tonal shaping that you can use on each layer of the kick is deep and makes putting together a fresh kick drum sound a piece of piss.”

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Stanton Warriors' favourite music software
iZotope Ozone 4

“We’ve never really used this as the mastering tool it was designed to be. Instead, we call it up on tracks for two main reasons. Firstly, the Harmonic Exciter sounds great in Tube mode, and its four separate bands mean you can tweak out extra high and lows you just won’t ever get with straight EQing.

Secondly, the Multiband Stereo Imaging lets us keep our mono mix in check in the lower frequencies, so that wide stereo sounds don’t go missing in clubs with mono systems.”

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Stanton Warriors' favourite music software
Waves CLA Vocals

“This is hard to beat for a quick killer vocal sound. It’s the combination of an SSL EQ hitting all the vocal sweet spots, an 1176 squashing in all the right places and a great little reverb on the ‘tight’ setting that puts the vocals in a really natural space without being noticeable.”

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Stanton Warriors’ latest album The Warriors is out now.


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