Soul Clap's favourite music software

16th Apr 2014 | 09:30

Soul Clap's favourite music software
Arturia Mini V

“Arturia Mini V has to be at the top of our list of favourite soft synths. It was a breakthrough VST for us in defining our Efunk sound.

"Everything about this puppy is super dope - it moves just like a real Moog Voyager, and you can even choose your wood finish. Of course, we go with a rich mahogany.”

Soul Clap's favourite music software
Korg M1 (Legacy Collection)

“Korg M1 in the Legacy series is loaded with awesome presets. You don’t have to do too much to the patches, and they seem to go on forever.

"There are lots of dripping, cheesy-sounding things that can make your tracks extra 90s R&B, which we go nuts over.”

Soul Clap's favourite music software
Arturia Wurlitzer V

“Sometimes the way these VSTs look and operate is half of the fun. The coolest of the Wurlitzer’s gimmicks - and one that can really phatten the sound - is the virtual pedals.

"So cool, you gotta put your sunglasses on for this one.”

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Soul Clap's favourite music software
SoundToys EchoBoy

“To dub things out in an old-school analogue way, we recommend digging on Sound Toys’ EchoBoy. It’s really straightforward and visually appealing with lots of big knobs to tweak.

"Look, if you’re really gangster, you’ll buy a Space Echo or a Watkins Copicat, but it’s hard to take those kinda toys on the road.”

Soul Clap's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“Ever since Live’s Session view freed us from the confines of linear sequencing, we haven’t looked back.

"Now it’s the heart that keeps the blood pumping to and from all these great plugins. But if we ever get creative block, our go-to software is always Leisure Suit Larry. Happy stumbling, lounge lizards!”

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