Siriusmo's favourite music software

31st Aug 2011 | 16:08

Siriusmo's favourite music software
Steinberg Cubase

“This was the first music program I used on Atari, and I’ve never changed away from it. I reckon I don’t know half of all its functions, but I like the way you can edit audio so fast. It’s quite easy to understand all the channel stuff, too - plus, I’m used to it!”

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Siriusmo's favourite music software
Steinberg WaveLab

“I use WaveLab to check out my little ideas and snippets of songs, and I use the pitch engine to find out the best tempo for each track. In my opinion, it’s also the best toolkit for cutting samples and preparing sets for the sampler.”

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Siriusmo's favourite music software
Sugar Bytes Guitarist

“Unfortunately, I can’t play the guitar, so it’s good to have some help in this area! If you take some time to discover all of the software’s little functions, you can get that real guitar feeling (dead notes, etc). You can also create some really interesting, weird sounds or play with 20 fingers on every hand. It even looks super-cool.”

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Siriusmo's favourite music software
Sugar Bytes Turnado

“Apart from Sugar Bytes Effectrix, this is my new ‘go to’ effect. It’s built for idiots like me, and provides me with lots of random fun. Honestly, even a kid can achieve good results really fast with this thing!”

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Siriusmo's favourite music software
Korg Legacy PolySix

“I would really love to own the original hardware synth, but the software version is OK for me. It has a really warm sound, which is good for creating exciting pad sounds in the background. Even my girlfriend likes it.”

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Siriusmo's favourite music software
Native Instruments Battery

“As well as working with lots of software synths and effects to make my tracks, I always think it’s a good idea to add some real-life flavour. In my case I often record an old crappy drum set, or other noises around me. Once that’s done, I cut it and put it in the Battery sampler for fast access. The software is brilliant for that.”

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