Sasha's favourite music software

26th Apr 2013 | 14:43

Sasha's favourite music software
Celemony Melodyne

“Melodyne is a fantastic piece of software. The whole idea still baffles us [Sasha’s studio team of Grayson Shipley, Dave Gardner and Josh Grant] slightly, though. I use it for a wide variety of things, from changing the pitch of a sample to extracting MIDI from remix stems.”

Sasha's favourite music software
Mixed In Key

“We’ve been using Mixed In Key in the studio, keying all of the sounds and samples we’ve accumulated over the last ten years or so. Over the last couple of years, we’ve built up an incredible sample library of drums hits, loops and sounds - they’re priceless, really. Being able to search samples by key is a very powerful and fast way of working.”

Sasha's favourite music software
FabFilter plugins

“We’ve been using FabFilter plugins extensively on Invol<3er. I don’t think there’s one track on the album that hasn’t benefited from them. The thing about all of the FabFilter plugins is that they are extremely easy to use and very intuitive - you can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the UI. Other plugin manufacturers take note!”

Sasha's favourite music software
Eventide H3000/Blackhole

“Eventide hardware has been a key factor on all the Involver records to date. These two plugins were released last year and were key tools in achieving the album’s sound.”

Sasha's favourite music software
Soundtoys Native Effects

“Delays, panning, filtering, phasing, pitch modulators and distortion all in one bundle, and we’ve used all of them at various points throughout the record. The sound quality is incredible - it’s the best of the analogue world in a digital package.”

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