Plastician's favourite music software

30th Mar 2012 | 10:13

Plastician's favourite music software
Image-Line FL Studio

“Until this program makes the jump to Mac, the PC vs Apple argument is null and void for me.

“I started out using a demo version of Fruity Loops back in the early 2000s. Its novice-friendly drag-and-drop functionality and the drum map and timeline made it so easy to pick up.

“Now FL Studio 10 does everything I’d expect from a high-quality DAW, and it’s still a joy to use.”

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Plastician's favourite music software
Rob Papen Albino 3

“This has been my instrument of choice for bass for such a long time now. It’s such a great-sounding synth, and I find it the easiest one for building sounds from the ground up.

“If sound design is not your cup of tea, it’s also got a great range of presets.”

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Plastician's favourite music software
Native Instruments Massive

“If you’re trying to make what people are now calling ‘the dubstep bass’ then look no further.

“It’s astounding how many amazing presets Massive comes packaged with, although I was surprised by just how many I recognised from the Distorted Bass section!

“I like the way everything inside is easily tweaked – it takes a matter of seconds to get the sound you’re after.”

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Plastician's favourite music software
Native Instruments Absynth 5

“I first came into contact with Absynth when it was in stage 3.0 - about the same time I came into contact with the alcoholic substance of the same name. Funnily enough, this program emits sounds similar to those you hear if you drink the green elixir.

“I’m now using version 5, and in my opinion it still offers the best creepy atmospheres out there - great for really dark tracks.”

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Plastician's favourite music software
Image-line FL Studio Bass Boost

“OK, it’s bundled into FL Studio and it’s the most simple bit of kit ever. Who cares? I’ve used the Bass Boost plug-in on every single bass I’ve ever produced.

“It’s a tiny effects plug-in, and there may be more complicated alternatives on the market, but this does the trick with a simple frequency boost between 60 and 100Hz wherever your bass needs it most. Works every time!”

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