NAMM 2010: Teenage Engineering's OP-1 on video

14th Jan 2010 | 22:35

NAMM 2010: Teenage Engineering's OP-1 on video

A working model of the feature-packed music gadget is finally here!

At last! Teenage Engineering has a working model of their OP-1 portable instrument, and it's every bit as cool as we thought it would be.

The OP-1 was first announced at Frankfurt Musikmesse 09 and although the makers boasted of multiple synthesis types including subtractive and FM, a multi-track sequencer, a drum machine, built-in effects and a mic input, the product itself was locked securely in a glass case, unable to be played by the public.

Since then: almost total radio silence from Teenage Engineering. This, combined with the obvious complexity of manufacture of the gadget led many to speculate that the OP-1 would turn into 'vapourware'.

But NAMM 2010 has seen the company put on a strong showing. "We just wanted to get it right", said Jon.

After seeing and hearing it in action, we reckon they might just have done so.

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