My favourite synths: Eats Everything

20th Aug 2012 | 11:14

My favourite synths: Eats Everything
Native Instruments Razor

Bristol-based underground house hero Eats Everything tells us about two of his favourite plug-in instruments.

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Eats Everything: “I love this one because of the craziness that ensues once it’s assigned to a channel! Razor is so great to tweak, and you can get the most mental sounds just by playing around. It is essentially a dubstep synth, but I use it for nasty atmospheres and crazy bass whooshes.

“It’s a really solid piece of kit that never ceases to amaze me. It is bloody CPU-hungry, though, which is the only reason I don’t use it all the time!”

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My favourite synths: Eats Everything
Rob Papen SubBoomBass

“I discovered this synth about a year and a half ago. Previously I had been making all my bass sounds with the Ableton sampler and manipulating them to death to get what I wanted. Then I found this little beauty and realised that for all the hours I’d spent tweaking the bass sounds I’d sampled with D16 Devastor and various different EQs and compressors, I could have been using this.

“SubBoomBass is preloaded with great presets - they only need a few tweaks to get them where you need them for compression, limiting and so on. For me it’s the most powerful bass tool on the market.”

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Eats Everything's Jagged Elbow EP is out now on Pets Recordings

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