Mr Jimmy on the joys of FM8

2nd Oct 2012 | 10:19

Mr Jimmy on the joys of FM8

With a huge love for Native Instruments FM8, Mr Jimmy explains how he takes care of the basslines and melodies in Mostly Robot.

We've already seen Tim Exile, DJ Shiftee, Jamie Lidell and Jeremy Ellis explaining their rigs for their roles in the Native Instruments supergroup Mostly Robot. Now we finally get a chance to see the busy fingered Mr Jimmy kick out the jams using his favourite FM8 soft synth

The footage was captured by Future Music Magazine when they caught up with Mr Jimmy at Sonar. There are many hours of great video on the Future Music YouTube Channel including studio tours, tutorials, interviews, quick tips and full-length versions of the world famous In The Studio series. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube channel to get pushed the latest videos as they are uploaded.

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