Me in my studio: Turzi

22nd Dec 2011 | 09:45

Me in my studio: Turzi

"First of all, I wanted you to know that it’s not with a real pleasure that I’m going to show you all that pictures. I’m against every kind of synth porn pics. I mean I can’t bear people who try to enlarge their cock by showing the world how big and desirable their synth collection can be.

"Some of the things wich will appear here a really sought after while some of it is just undesirable but that’s maybe why I keep finding it cool and inspiring.

"So these pictures would be spread in random, a bit like the sounds in my music. In all these images, behind it, you’ll maybe understand better how my sounds are built, how they are destroyed, unweared, spanked and finally mixed and randomly edited in the state of the art studio!"

Me in my studio: Turzi
The studio

"Here I'm going to speak about TEE, Education. All of this LP was made here, surrounded by this gear so try and imagine that you're sat here in the middle."

Me in my studio: Turzi
Tenori On

"So I’m usual sat in front of my 16 track mixing desk and a MIDI step sequencer called the Tenori On (grey thing), with that I control ALL the machines that surrounds me.

"All that sound indidviually arrives in the desk which goes into the white thing you see and then to a digital tap tempo delay."

Me in my studio: Turzi

"So on the left of the desk you’ve got the analog synths which are controlled by MIDI channesl one to four from the Yamaha Tenori-On.

"Some of the synths are modular (Roland System 100s offered by Tim 'Crystal Machine' Blake) some of them not, as the TB-303 (offered by french band Air) , the grey thing is the rebuilding of the mono section of an Arp Quadra.

"On the right are FM expanders, also controled by the Yamaha Tenori-On of course."

Me in my studio: Turzi

"Here is a my music converted in to a picture… strange isn’t it?"

Me in my studio: Turzi

"When the music is good, you sell records…"

Me in my studio: Turzi

"Yes I’m from France."

Me in my studio: Turzi
Back to the studio

"So let’s go back to the studio to finish the tour, shall we?"

Me in my studio: Turzi
Drum machines

"Here you’ll see the drum machines which are all analog. Also clock-driven by the Tenori-On, the patterns are written on it’s internal Memory.

"I’ve largely modified it, adding some controls on the internal components, making it fully controlable. This machine also acts as a multi-trigger, controlling both the drum synth on the right, on the left. And on top of the left.

Me in my studio: Turzi
Spring reverb

"Here you have a box containing a spring and a 50 year old Speaker. Just plug an amp into that speaker and get a 30 second spring reverb… surfffffing bird!"

Me in my studio: Turzi
More gear

"In this picture there’s a Studer desk, an Elka drum machine, a Roland Leslie, two sound cards, a record with sea sound effects and my old Mac Powerbook."

Me in my studio: Turzi
Polys and modulars

"Another wall, the polysynth here underneath goes into the Dotcom modular wich is arpeggaited by the poly CV/gate keyboard right over it.

"On the back is the Pleyel piano that I finally cut opento enjoy the pleasure of the harmonic reverb."

Me in my studio: Turzi
Piano reverb

"If you get a piano and keep everything away from it except the strings and the resonator it's the best reverb ever."

Me in my studio: Turzi

"A new sound for a new dimension. Floppy rules."

Me in my studio: Turzi
EMS Synthi Hi Fli

"White sound for a colourful mix."

Me in my studio: Turzi

!Amps that are full of transistors makes for a clean sound and a lot of volume!"

Me in my studio: Turzi
Mix down

"The desk, the player’s view, it’s from here that nearly everything is written and mixed. Do you see any laptop here? No because it’s done live"

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