Me in my studio: Spektre

10th Nov 2011 | 15:43

Me in my studio: Spektre
Spektre sonics

Spektre are a techno duo comprising DJs/producers Filthy Rich and Paul Maddox, they specialise in “dark, sinister sounds mixed with twisted, haunting vocals and unnerving, atmospheric foundations”.

The question, though, is what they use to make these brooding productions? We asked them to pick up their digital camera/screen grabbing software and show us…

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Me in my studio: Spektre
Ableton Live

Live is the central hub of both our studio and stage rigs. Its innovative workflow and creative sound design features are things we couldn’t live without!”

Me in my studio: Spektre
Octave The Kitten

“An old and fairly uncommon analogue synth. Good for meaty basses, but incredible for weird sci-fi noises.”

Me in my studio: Spektre
2C Audio Breeze

“Our go-to reverb plug-in. We also use its big brother Aether, but find ourselves reverting to the quick and simple interface of Breeze more often.”

Me in my studio: Spektre
Dave Smith Poly Evolver

“Total badboy! We use the Poly Evolver for anything from silky pads to overdriven wavetable glitchiness. We’re quite happy to spend an evening just programming sounds and sampling them out - beats watching TV anyway!”

Me in my studio: Spektre
Lennar Digital Sylenth1

"Our favourite software synth, which gets used constantly. Sylenth1 can turn its hand to pretty much any VA sound, but with the automation possibilities that software handles so well."

Me in my studio: Spektre
Akai APC40

“Our live control surface of choice. The APC40 simply puts Live at your fingertips, because nobody wants to see you poking at your laptop in a club.”

Me in my studio: Spektre
UAD Roland RE-201

“We’re big fans of spacey, dubbed-out delays and the UAD Roland RE-201 is a lovely recreation of one of the classics.”

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