Me in my studio: Moullinex

4th Dec 2012 | 14:23

Me in my studio: Moullinex

"Hey! My name is Luis and I make music as Moullinex, here's a little tour of the dark Discotexas studios in Lisbon, Portugal"

Me in my studio: Moullinex
The studio

"So here it is, the dark Discotexas studios cave: a main overview of the desk, with highlights being the amazing Event Opals, that sound great. I was using Spirit speakers as alternative listening, but we're switching to an NS-10 and sub setup now."

Me in my studio: Moullinex

"A few of the synths here including the Roland System 100m, Octave Cat and Korg Mono/Poly. All CV/Gate interfacing is done with the Doepfer MCV4. I'm gonna switch to Expert Sleepers' Silent Way soon, though.

"There's also a couple of drum machines: Sequential Drum Traks, Korg DDD-1 and a few guitar pedals too, which I tend to use on everything."

Me in my studio: Moullinex
80s synths

"Another synth wall, this time deep in the 80s: Juno 106 with its irreplaceable chorus - this was my first synth and it is great to learn thearchitectureof a subtractive synth.

"You can also see the Ensoniq ESQ1, which is a great all-rounder, especially with the custom OS that allows you to access weird waveforms apart from the factory ones. All is digital but the filter, which makes it sound great. Then there's the Korg DW-6000, another basic synth for all-round cheese sounds."

Me in my studio: Moullinex
Roland System 100M

"Roland System 100M with 2 VCO, 2 VCF, 2 VCA, 2 ADSR, 2 LFO, Ring Modulator, Noise Generator and S&H - pretty normal setup, but these components, man... I manage to get sounds from all the early Roland family with this beast. Love it."

Me in my studio: Moullinex
Octave Cat

"My favorite synth. The most powerful oscillators I've ever heard, tons of modulation options, repeating envelopes triggered by LFO, pseudo duophonic, external audio input... I can sit and play this machine for hours with nothing but a little spring reverb on it."

Me in my studio: Moullinex
Korg Stage Echo

"I couldn't live without this, I guess all my tracks have a bit of it here and there. The input stage is so colorful that I use the machine "bypassed" on a few drum sounds. Plus the great wonder of tape delay and spring reverb which gets slapped every now and then."

Me in my studio: Moullinex
The rack

"My outboard fx setup is modest: one SPL Frontliner which i use to record vocals, bass, guitar and a few synths. The main soundcard is a RME which isn't there but I use the MOTU via digital port to add I/O channels to it.

"There's a Moog Graphic EQ, sounds great. Plus, some old Dynacord machines - Early digital Reverb / Delay, Time Axis Manipulator for Phasing, Flanger, Doubling etc. Then another digital reverb. These are absolute Krautrock and every time I need some darkness in a track, there's nothing better."

Me in my studio: Moullinex

"Back home I have a Young Chang upright, which along with the Rhodes MK1 are my big compositional tools. Not that I'm a good player, but I literally sit for hours a day on both, recording ideas with my cell phone - yes, very modern and trustworthy ahah!

" There's some freedom in this wall of sound that a good piano builds around you, monopolizing the room, without anything to plug, configure or boot..."

Grab Moullinex's latest tracks at iTunes, Beatport and Juno

Catch up with all the latest Moullinex news over at his website, soundcloud page or on Facebook

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