Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt

4th Nov 2011 | 15:47

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt

Based in Hanau near Frankfurt this daylight-studio is perfect to work in. Matthias and Christian share it with Falk B.All Motorcitysoul, Matthias Vogt and C-Rock productions come into being right here.

The two DJ's have different approaches for doing recordings: Vogt is a trained jazz pianist, while Rindermann is a sound expert. What they have in common is first of all a passion about house music…

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt

"All good studio work starts with good coffee. This little Illy machine is our secret weapon. And it's a nice design, by the way."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt
The studio

"The bridge. Most important place in the building of course. We spend ages staring at these displays. As you can see up there, we tried to give the room a proper acoustic treatment.

"C-Rock is our Mac Gyver, he built this wood construction himself."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt
Recording room

"In fact, we should use this opportunity more often. As you can see we have the best requirements for recording acoustic instruments, vocals and so on.

"Even whole bands did record here, it's the main focus of our studio mate Falk."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt

"We took this picture during the recording of 'Deliver Me (Acoustic)'. Jan Stürmer of [re:jazz] fame playing the guitar in the picture."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt
Fender Rhodes

"This is my beloved fender rhodes piano. Very vintage and used quite often in many Motorcitysoul tracks.

"It was also crucial in my Matthias Vogt Remix of Benjamin Kruse's "Soulmate". An essential instrument for the studio!"

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt

"The organ is a part of our recording room outfit. We didn't use it yet on a production, but when we do studio parties everyone is keen on playing it.

"It has some real nice spacy sounds so we should use it some day."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt
Studio synths

"All keyboards in one view. As I am a trained pianist, keyboards are very important for my productions. All Motorcitysoul and Matthias Vogt trademark sounds are from keyboards in this picture.

"Most of the time I play them live, without MIDI, and with very few corrections as I like to give it that human touch."

Me in my studio: Matthias Vogt
Roland synths

"These two guys are surely the most important ones in the rack: Roland JX-3P (with programmer, for some live editing and sound construction), plus a Roland Juno 106.

"Brilliant Instruments for all kinds of all the right noises for house music. Pads, stabs, melodies, basslines. It's a curnocopia. We would all sound different without these two keyboards being created!"

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