Me in my studio: Kid Massive

9th Mar 2012 | 11:05

Me in my studio: Kid Massive

"My studio space is in North West London which I've had now for three years. It's located in a spare room in my flat which doubles as an office.

"This is the studio where my album A Little Louder was produced and where several of the singers who feature on the album laid down their vocals."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive
The studio

"As you can see, my studio set up is small and compact. I work from home and like being able to work whenever the urge strikes, so what's lacking in size is made up for with freedom of creativity."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive

"My main program in the studio is Logic which I've used since version 4.6, and the Nexus 2 plug in for synths and bass lines. Both are essential components in my music making routine."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive

"This is my small, yet highly effective hardware section. I've used Danish brand Tube Tech since the beginning and love the warmth that they add in the sound.

"The summing device allows me to group the master channels and the amazing stereo compressor which I use in real time when bouncing down masters. My sound card is an RME 800, a high quality product second to none."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive

"I use two sets of speakers; my main ones are Genelec which are great for hearing those tiny noises and frequencies that shouldn't be there.

"My secondary set are by Dynaudio which I use for mixdowns and general playback. Amazing pieces of kit at the heart of my set up."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive
MIDI control

"My MIDI master keyboard is a Virus Indigo. I use it as a MIDI controller but the Virus sounds are really fresh too.

"I like being able to tweak sounds on the fly, as opposed to the current preset madness going on right now."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive

"This Micro Korg has been in my studio since the day it came out in 2002. Many other synths have come and gone but this one holds a special place.

"It was the lead keyboard I used on my first ever album back in 2004 and I'll never get rid of it!"

Me in my studio: Kid Massive
Budget mic

"Every vocal I have ever recorded in my studio has been done on this Generis mic. At a mere £100 it's been the best value purchase I've made."

Me in my studio: Kid Massive
Figaro the cat!

"Figaro the house cat - my studio muse. He's been with me since I first started producing music back in 2000 and always sits or sleeps next to the same speaker.

"I couldn't imagine my studio without him snoring and being a plain nuisance."

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