Me in my studio: Felguk

12th Apr 2012 | 09:48

Me in my studio: Felguk

Electro house duo Felguk are musical partners, Gustavo Rozenthal and Felipe Lozinsky. Together they rose to fame on the awesome bass-train of main room club music. Now they are one of the hottest DJ acts and remixers around.

With remixes in the bag for everyone from Madonna to The Black Eyed Peas this team certainly know how to electrify a dancefloor. In this gallery Gustavo kindly show us around the duos favorite bits of kit in the studio.

Me in my studio: Felguk

"That’s Felipe looking good in our cozy little studio. We've got this 'U' shaped table that makes it easier for the 'pilot' to reach all the gear.

"You can see we do have acoustic treatment in the room and yes, that makes a whole lot of a difference."

Me in my studio: Felguk
Gustavo's view

"Another overview of the whole working desk of our studio, this time featuring me! The monitors that we use are Adams and after we got used to them, we couldn't stand working with just headphones anymore.

"There’s a nice window that has the typical green, Rio de Janeiro view and it's actually possible to see the Christ Redeemer if you get close to the glass. It's very relaxing to work like this."

Me in my studio: Felguk
The rack

"The red and the white piece are some of our little darlings.The red one is a Culture Vulture Mastering Limited Edition. Ours is the serial number 73 out of 99 units ever produced, so basically you can only get this on second hand now.

"The Culture Vulture is a valve distortion unit that gives an analog feel to whatever you run through it. You can run entire mixes in or separate parts and either use it really hardcore or very subtle. Sometimes it can do wonders to a track. The white piece is our interface. Its an Aurora Lynx, known to have one of the best AD/DA converters on the market. We admit that we are audiophiles!"

Me in my studio: Felguk
Moog Slim Phatty

"The Moog Little Phatty. A true analog synth. We used it a lot because it has some of the most classic sounds in EDM history and its fat as hell.

"But, the drawback of it being mono has kind of been annoying us lately, so we haven't used it as much as we used to."

Me in my studio: Felguk
Acoustic treatment

"Our diffusors. Not only are these one of the most important parts of our room acoustics, but they're surely one of the most beautiful with the dimmed red lights shining from underneath."

Me in my studio: Felguk
Adam sub

"Our Adam Audio Sub. We know a lot of producers that don't use subs at all because they think it makes your room frequency response loose its flatness.

"Well, this is kind of true, but we feel its important to get a little of that club or festival feel while you're producing a track and that’s what the sub does for us."

Me in my studio: Felguk
The software

"Finally here's one of our Cubase sessions with three of our favorite plug-ins. The DreamVerb is part of the UAD card, and is just as wonderful as any other plug-in from them. The reverbs from DSP cards still sound different from software plugins, so we tend to use those.

"The yellow plug-in with the smiley sausage is the acclaimed Sausage Fattener made by fellow DJs and producers, Dada Life. We don’t really know what this little dude does, its something like limiting, spreading the stereo image, EQing and more. But, it does what it's supposed to - make things sound fat! The last plugin is just a simple Sonalksys EQ. We have been using it for so long and got so used to its interface that we just can't upgrade to a more current EQ without a very good reason to do so."

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