Me in my studio: Emika

13th Aug 2013 | 10:58

Me in my studio: Emika
Music room

Berlin-based producer Ema Jolly (aka Emika) is a woman of many talents. As a solo artist she’s released two excellent albums for Ninja Tune, both of which blend dark, club-focused influences with her own soulful vocals, classical tendencies and carefully crafted electronic timbres.

Aside from her solo output, Jolly has collaborated with the likes of Pinch, Kryptic Minds and Brandt Brauer Frick and is an accomplished sound designer. She’s a former employee of Native Instruments and her field recordings of seminal Berlin club Berghain provided the cornerstone of Fünf, the anniversary compilation of the club’s associated record label Ostgut Ton.

Here she shows us around her music making space and talks us through the gear behind her current projects.

Emika’s second album Dva is out now on Ninja Tune.


Emika: “This is my studio where I make all my music.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Piano corner

“My beautiful 150 year old piano.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Vinyl + Technics

“I have a lot of vinyl, ranging from club records to crazy experimental music from all over the world. Most of my records are dub & reggae from the ‘80s.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Classical scores

“I have a lot of classical music in score form, as I write music for classical musicians, it's good to study the work of many classical composers.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Synth wall

“Here are some of my favorite synths, all being used for my latest project. I have many others but they are packed away at the moment as it's not their turn.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Mixer and rack FX

“My trusted A&H mixer and rack FX.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Production corner

“This is where I mix and edit and do all post-production work.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Vocal corner

“This is my vocal corner, it's more open then a booth because I like to feel like I have space around me, but it is insulated enough to record a clean vocal sound.”

Me in my studio: Emika
Vocal recording

“My latest vocal mic, the [Shure] SM7. It's a new one for me, but I love the results. It's mainly a radio mic, which is great for soft vocals and a close-mic'd technique.”

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