Me in my studio: Don Rimini

20th Feb 2013 | 11:30

Me in my studio: Don Rimini

"Hello my name is Don Rimini. I live in Paris and work as a DJ and producer. I am also now touring with a live act.

"I just released my new EP called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). It's a kind of a fun, lowly tribute to my house music heroes, bringing some sexiness into this violent world of ours. For this EP, I didn't actually produce it at home - here are some pics of the studio where I made this EP."

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
DJ space

"My studio is split into two parts.The first room is dedicated to my DJ things, which is my first passion. Even though I now DJ on CDs, I still love my vinyl record collection."

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
Live show

"You can see on the left side some of the tools I use for the live show: MacBook Pro, RME Fireface 800 and the Akai APC40 and MPD32 as spare controllers. I brought it all back to the studio between two gigs in order to improve the show. During the live performances I mostly use the Emulator DVS from Smithson Martin (not in this pic)."

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
The SL MK2 Technics turntable

"Ah, prehistoric stuff! The classic SL MK2 Technics. It was the first turntable that I bought when I was 14 years old. The unbreakable turntable!"

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
Record collection

"I've probably collected more than 5,000 vinyl records. I was a huge compulsive crate digger. Now I collect MP3s, which are a lot easier to store! Oh, and on my to-do list is to clean the studio!"

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
Bag for life

"I never leave my studio without this bag. I bought it in Japan during a tour. My whole life is often contained inside. It's the 'on tour survival kit'. So what's inside? Well... CDs, headphones, laptop, passport, basketball cap, itineraries, backstage pass, tooth brush, perfume…"

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
The production room

"Ok, here's the second room, dedicated to production. I only use Pro Tools for the mixing work. I prefer composing in Cubase or Ableton Live as it feels a lot easier for my creative process. I think it was the Highlight track session you can see here on the screen."

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
Mix partners

"Here are some good partners to a perfect mix: Avalon VT 737sp compressor, Empirical Labs Mono EL8 Distressor, Genelec 1031 monitors, Yamaha NS10 monitors, TC Electronic Finalizer 96K."

Me in my studio: Don Rimini
Hands in the air

"That's how I mixed my EP. Hands up and cerebral control. Aahah! Being in the studio must always be a pleasure, should it not?"

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