Me in my studio: Cazzette

12th Dec 2012 | 15:30

Me in my studio: Cazzette

Cazzette are the new and impossibly talented Swedish DJ/Producer duo who’ve had a whirlwind year mixing their debut compilation on Strictly Rhythm, Strictly Cazzette; releasing their debut artist album on Spotify, and crashing onto the international festival scene in Olympian style.

Tipped by Avicii’s manager to be his next big thing; Cazzette are fast making their mark with the production of a new brand of electronic music, coined dub-house, and their high energy DJ sets. In this exclusive gallery, we take a look through their humble studio...

Me in my studio: Cazzette
The studio

"We would best describe our current situation as having a temporary studio located on the west coast of Sweden. Although it feels kind of unfair to call this a studio…

"Since we started spending so much time on the road we agreed that we should become more mobile and adapt to the situation, so we produce a lot of music on the road.One simply can’t get away with headphone mastering without years of practice. I guess that's why we need our temporary studio.

"At the moment we are very happy with how we work. It’s a great freedom to be able to sit anywhere in the world and work on our projects, yet we always return home when we have to render the final wav.Anyhow, enjoy this tour of our setup...."

Me in my studio: Cazzette
MIDI keyboard

"This is our M-Audio KeyRig 49. It used to be a really big part of our idea creating process but now it mostly collects dust.

"Since we started working with our manager Ash, we had to rethink the way we worked and become more mobile so it only getsused once in a while. It's just too hard to bring with us on tour."

Me in my studio: Cazzette
Adam A7 monitors

"The best production decision we ever made was buying these Adam A7 speakers combined with an Adam Sub-8. It made us listen to productions in a whole new way and now we’re so familiar with how they sound, compared to how the music we make inthem sounds on a PA system; that we’re never letting them go.

"We also use Genelec when we are in Stockholm working together with Ash. It’s all about knowing your speakers though. We would say that the brand doesn’t really matter that much as long as youknow your own speakers."

Me in my studio: Cazzette

"We picked up this bad boy when an older laptop broke which was actually the best thing that could have happened. It's so powerful that combined with a Focusrite Scarlett Saffire 2 soundcard, we don’t have to use our other computer which weoriginally thought would be the center of all our production."

Me in my studio: Cazzette
FL Studio

"We have both been working inside this DAW for so long now that there’s no point in turning back. Some people say that FL is un-powerful since the layout is so simple.

"Well we say that is not true and it's the same story with your DAW as with your speakers. If you know them/it, it will all work out. We’ve tried Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, Reason & Ableton Live but none lives up to the speed of FL."

Me in my studio: Cazzette
NI's Massive

"Massive is fantastic even though it is a bit tricky to use according to us! We understand it, but it's just not as convenient as Sylenth1.

"A lot of the more dub-step influenced sounds in our tracks are made with Massive. Its strength is that it offers so many different waveforms."

Me in my studio: Cazzette

"Sylenth1 is probably our favourite since it is so easy to work with. We just wish it had a couple more waveforms. We love this one the most and that’s why we’d say our tracks are 50%, if not more Sylenth1.

"It has a clever way of letting you control everything and with FL's (our DAW) automation system, you can’t go wrong."

Me in my studio: Cazzette
reFX Nexus

"We think most of the house producers out there use this one. It's great for a quick work flow. Admittedly it is a bit over-used lately, but if one uses it right you can achieve great stuff.

"We use it mostly for strings/piano and it gets more and more rare that we do, but still, it played a big part in one of our tracks."

Me in my studio: Cazzette

"This is FL's own VSTi and comes free when you buy FL. We use this in all of our tracks. It’s great when you just need a simple Sine, Square or Saw.

"It's very simple to use and also powerful when combined with the right effects. We mostly use it for adding some extra low end to our leads and bass."

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