Me in my studio: Ben Coda

18th May 2012 | 14:20

Me in my studio: Ben Coda

DJ, producer and remixer Ben Coda is now firmly established on the UK dance music scene. His unique take on techno has also picked up its fair share of worldwide support.

His progressive edge crosses the frontiers of tough beats and rolling basslines which contrast with soaring melodies. When not traveling to gigs or in the studio Ben promotes his up and coming London ‘Motek ‘club night and produces a monthly show on Proton Radio. After the jump, Coda takes us on a trip around his studio.

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
MacBook Pro

"My MacBook Pro - aka ‘The Mothership’. I do all of my production on the laptop. It’s great to work on a laptop because whenever I have an idea, I know I can get it down.

"My DAW of choice is Logic Pro and I use various soft synths and plug-ins. Some favourites at the moment are Sylenth1, Massive, Kontakt and Zebra 2."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
AKG K271 headphones

"My studio is at home, so these are essential for the late night sessions when I can’t crank it up too much. These are great for referencing low-end frequencies."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
Mackie 1402 VLZ Pro

"I used to do all my mixdowns through the desk, but tend to work in the box these days. This is good for running sounds through to get a bit of analogue crunch and distortion."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
Access Virus TI

"This is the core of my studio and I use it on pretty much every track I write. It has such a distinctive but versatile sound and I use it for everything from nasty basslines to shimmering pads.

"The integration with Logic makes it so much easier to use than standard hardware synths."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
MOTU Traveller

"I’ve had this for five years now and it’s rock solid. Amazing sound quality and a really flexible piece of kit.

"Even though it’s five years old I can’t see myself upgrading it any time soon."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
Adam P11A monitors

"The high end is not for everybody but they give such a clinical representation of the music that you know exactly where you stand with them. An amazing set of monitors."

Me in my studio: Ben Coda
Akai APC40

"I’m currently putting together a live show using Ableton that I’ll be debuting at Glade Festival this year, and will be using the APC40 as my main controller. It’s got pretty much everything you need!"

Ben Coda is playing Glade Festival which takes place between 14-17 June at Houghton Hall near King’s Lynn Norfolk. For more information and tickets please go to

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