Marc Romboy's favourite music software

28th Feb 2013 | 14:00

Marc Romboy's favourite music software
Musicrow Vintage Strings

“This is my favourite string machine when it comes to creating dirty and authentic- sounding violin string sounds, especially for my old-school productions with artists like Blake Baxter or Robert Owens.”

Marc Romboy's favourite music software
Waves H-Delay

“Those who listen to my tunes know pretty well that I’m a huge fan of tossing and turning with different types of delay - this is the perfect tool to direct such experiments. The quality is very high and old-school options like ping-pong delay or tempo sync modulation are easily done.”

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Marc Romboy's favourite music software

“One of my favourite pieces of wisdom of all time is ‘less is more’, and BazzISM is without any doubt a perfect example. This very simple, structured machine creates bass sounds and kick drums. If you’re looking for a unique kick drum that no one’s ever used before, you’re in the right place.”

Marc Romboy's favourite music software
D16 Nepheton

“When it comes to drum sounds, I’m totally in love with D16’s Nepheton - it’s a software emulation of the legendary 808. Some of its sounds are even better than the original. I always use a mixture of original sounds and emulated instruments in my tracks.”

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Marc Romboy's favourite music software
Arturia MiniMoog V

“I had a funny experience some years ago when some Italian producers had a chat with me regarding the Moog sounds I was using in my tracks. When I explained to them that I was using Arturia’s machines, they assumed that I was taking the piss out of them! That’s how good this thing sounds.”

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Marc romboy & Ken ishii’s new album, Taiyo, is out on 8 February

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