Lee Curtiss's favourite music software

3rd Jan 2012 | 16:04

Lee Curtiss's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“I’ve used this program extensively on every project I’ve worked on over the last six years. It’s truly the best creation station and makes it so easy to get things moving creatively. Even if other programs are used for mixing down, Ableton is easily rewired into other DAWs, opening even more doors and options for sound design and signal processing.”

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Lee Curtiss's favourite music software
Arturia Jupiter-8V

“This has been one of my go-tos for synth work since it came out. I’ve worked with real Jupiter-8s, and even though the sound from the Arturia isn’t the same, it is in its own way easier to use. Plus it gives you more creative options and ways to manipulate the sound and effects that you can’t with hardware.”

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Lee Curtiss's favourite music software
Arturia Moog Modular V

“This is one of the biggest and greatest synths packed into the size of a computer screen. You’re still able to manipulate it in the same way you would the classic synth, but the plug-in makes it so quick and easy to call up big, classic sounds with a really nice arpeggiator. This soft synth is one of the best bass machines I’ve ever used, and it really comes through with that Moog sound.”

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Lee Curtiss's favourite music software
URS plug-ins

“When I was on a tight budget, these plug-ins really helped me out. They’re really fairly priced and can add so much sonic quality to your mixes. The Fairchild compressor settings and a lot of the other presets are perfect as a starting point for processing everything - vocals, strings, drums, bass and guitars.”

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Lee Curtiss's favourite music software
Korg Legacy Analogue and Digital Editions

“I had a real PolySix and an M1 synth at one time, and I truly prefer the software version of the M1 to the actual synth. I find the PolySix software really comparable, too. As a bundle, all of the synths and even the simple effects are amazing - they’re everyday tools in my studio. The WaveStation has beautiful natural instrument presets that you can layer to make great soundscapes and pads, and the Mono/Poly is an absolute beast.”

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