Korg DS-10 turned into a talkbox

9th Dec 2008 | 14:53

Korg DS-10 turned into a talkbox

All you need is a plastic straw

An ingenious user of Korg's DS-10 has managed to create a talkbox simply by adding a flexible plastic straw to his setup.

The original idea is said to come from a Korg engineer by the name of Mr.Kanamori-san. In a new YouTube video, a user called jetdaisuke is seen taping a straw to the speaker on his Nintendo DSI, then modifying the sound of the DS-10 with his mouth.

Sadly, we can't understand what he's saying as he's speaking in Japanese.

It's a clever trick that we're sure many others will now try. Let's just hope Kanye West doesn't get to hear about it.

Watch the video below.

(Via Matrixsynth)

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