John Tejada's favourite music software

15th Jan 2013 | 17:07

John Tejada's favourite music software
Fielding DSP Reviver

“At this point, there are dozens of ‘make it louder’ plug-ins and compressors and saturators on the market.

“I find Fielding DSP’s approach unique. While generating harmonics which to our ears make signals appear larger and fuller, it does not suffer from the side effects of similar plug-ins, retaining a very clear, un-smashed signal.”

John Tejada's favourite music software
UAD plugins

“I’ve been working with UAD plugins ever since version 1 of their cards hit the market.

“Now, with the help of their Apollo interface, I am able to run the plugins better than I ever have before. My favourite plugins, which I’m constantly using, are the Harrison EQs, FATSO Sr. and Lexicon Reverb.”

John Tejada's favourite music software
ValhallaDSP plugins

“I find what ValhallaDSP are doing really amazing – the quality of the effects is outstanding, and the price is kept at a level that everyone can afford.

“ValhallaRoom is the best reverb plugin, hands-down. Shimmer is the best tool I’ve ever used to get ethereal, lush, pitchshifted atmospheric reverbs. Übermod is also amazing, giving me the feel of an Ursa Major in the box. I can’t wait to see what’s next from Valhalla.”

John Tejada's favourite music software
Madrona Labs Aalto

“Aalto is the best virtual synth I’ve used. From what I understand, elements of the design like the VCO are modelled after the Buchla modular.

“In fact, the first time I got to spend time with a real Buchla, I thought, ‘Wow, this sounds like Aalto!’ The sound generation feels very hardware analogue to me, and the way the UI is laid out really lends itself to being creative without having to open sub-menus or little pop-ups. Everything feels very analogue, patchable and clear. It’s my favourite toy away from home.”

John Tejada's favourite music software
Eventide H3000 native plugin

“I’ve always wanted a real H3000, but never bought one. I ended up with an Eclipse, and Space and Time Factor pedals instead, but I always felt I’d missed out as the H3000 is such a classic! It’s been used by everyone influential to me and is a fully modular effects device.

“So, the newly released H3000 native plugin was an instant buy. It’s a really fun nostalgic tool that will never really go out of style. I was afraid the sound would be a bit smaller than you’d get with the hardware, but it is definitely a big Eventide sound. The CPU load is really moderate as well, which is great for opening multiple instances.”

John’s latest album, The Predicting Machine, is out now on Kompakt.

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