In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio

4th Nov 2013 | 11:14

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Tim Green
Welcome to my world: Tim Green in his Paris abode

Within four years of releasing his debut Electro/Tech House single, Little Flies, followed by modern classics Revox and Mr Dry, Tim Green was awarded Best Breakthrough Producer at DJ Mag's Best of British awards in 2010.

Green's DJ sets are renowned for their ingenious mix of styles, and his production and writing have seen him drive beyond the limitations of Minimal Techno and Deep House with a sense of exuberance.

While his raucous and distinctive club nights are a force to be reckoned with, alongside an already impressive back catalogue of releases and remixes, Green is now slaving over a debut album that promises a completely new direction, armed with a studio set-up the envy of many.

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Moog Voyager

“I’ve only got this recently but it’s fantastic. I’ve used an original Minimoog on some of my recordings which is my Dad’s but this has replaced that as it’s a lot more user friendly with presets on it and a great sound to it.”

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
JoMox MBase II

“This is literally a kick drum sound generator, with a really nice range of sounds from 909 and so on. However you want to sculpt it.”

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
ATC Monitors

“I’ve had these about a year and a half and they’re pretty much perfect. I don’t think I’d ever want to change.

"They sound very balanced across the whole frequency range and for all styles of music.Before that I was using Mackie HR824s, and before that Tannoy Reveals."

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
dbx Compressor

“I got this on ebay. It’s from the '70s and is really really nice on vocals.”

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Baby Taylor Acoustic

“That’s one of my favourite things that I own. I just love to pick that up and come up with some ideas.”

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Apple iMac and Nord Modular G2

“I’ve had the Nord Modular for years now and I use it on a lot of my tracks. It’s especially good because it has the software running on the computer so it’s great if you want to get into the design aspect of each sound.

"Meanwhile, the Mac isthe hub of the system. Running Logic and Ableton. I remember writing stuff on an Atari ST but only for fun... we were always 'pro' Mac, which I'm thankful for now."

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Art Multiverb Alpha 2.0

“This is a cheap and cheerful multi effects, with the Alesis Midiverb 4 below that’s really nice for some reverbs I use quite a lot and the cheap 3630 compressor that I use on dance music and you can get some really nice stuff out of it.”

In pictures: Tim Green's Paris studio
Sony TC-135SD Cassette Recorder

“I got this off ebay cheap, and it’s a really nice way of getting digital sounds out.

"I overdrive it to get some really nice tape compression and distortion and then send it back into the computer.”

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