In pictures: Jody Wisternoff

31st Jul 2012 | 09:52

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff

We've already spoken to Jody about his career, getting started in the Hip Hop scene and seen a video tour of his incredible studio. But, as an extra bonus, we're going to focus on a few specific bits of his gear and find out what Jody thinks about them. Prepare yourself for more frantic gear-lusting!

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Audient Sumo

“I don’t use the buss compressor on this, it’s just used to run groups through from the computer.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Roland Jupiter-8

“This is really nice for short stabs and it’s got really sharp envelopes. The guy I bought it from instantly regretted selling it. It’s perfect for silky-smooth strings too.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Soundcraft Ghost

“I don’t mix on this, it’s more of a patchbay. I use it as an instrument, for EQing on the fly and stuff. I couldn’t live without it.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Octave Kitten

“This is a smaller version of the Cat, which the Chemical Brothers are really heavy on. It’s great for nasty bassline stuff. Boosting the low-end using the Soundcraft, sounds great.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Casio CZ-5000

"This is Casio’s version of FM synthesis – phase distortion synthesis. It’s got very usable sounds and you can pick it up for about £50 now.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Roland JD-800

“This is actually bleeding from the keys below, there’s something wrong with it. It actually burned holes in my carpet! All the sounds have been used and abused.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
Roland Juno-106

“I love the chorus on this. The JP-8 is fantastic but the Juno’s chorus is very tasty. It’s one of the most recognisable synths there is.”

In pictures: Jody Wisternoff
SCI Prophet-5

“It’s got a really different colour to the Jupiter-8. It’s got a slightly out-of-tune, wonky sound. You can do leads and basses, but it’s generally better for soft pads.”

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