Guy J's favourite music software

23rd Sep 2013 | 14:36

Guy J's favourite music software
Steinberg Cubase

“Cubase has been part of my life for over ten years now. I fell in love with it but don’t quite remember how! I love the workflow and just know my way around it so well.”

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Guy J's favourite music software
Spectrasonics Omnisphere

“Omnisphere is one of the only VSTi’s I use in my music. It has a beautiful, atmospheric sound. I know it sounds strange, but it’s hard to find good sounds to be in the background of your tracks - those that don’t stand out too much or crowd the mix. Omnisphere does it best.”

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Guy J's favourite music software
Ableton Live

“When DJing, Ableton allows you to go wild with no limits. It creates a flow in the set, and the ability to quickly make some bootlegs and edits on the fly is fantastic.

"The options for creativity are truly endless. I used Live to create one of the tracks on my Balance compilation, using a bassline from one track and a vocal from another track (Citylife, DJ T). Live’s flexibility is its true strength.”

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Guy J's favourite music software
Universal Audio Cambridge EQ

“I think this is the best EQ out there! You can hear every little move you make on it. I use this plugin on almost every channel in my projects and it helps me to get what I want on the mix of a track.”

Guy J's favourite music software
Universal Audio Roland RE-201

“This is an emulation of the legendary delay by UAD. When you use RE-201 in a track, sounds become warm right away, so it works perfectly for the music I create. It sounds amazing on vocals and main synths.”

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