Get Arturia Minimoog V for free

21st Jun 2012 | 08:56

Get Arturia Minimoog V for free

Download the 'original' version for nothing for one day only

UPDATE: Arturia's Minimoog V giveaway has now ended

Today, World Music day, Arturia is celebrating by giving away a fully working version of its Minimoog V plug-in.

The only difference between the free download and the full-price version is that the functions behind the front panel are not available, so forget the mod matrix and the built-in effects. But hey, that makes it even more like the original Moog hardware.

Otherwise, all sounds and features from the Minimoog V 2.5 (a $229/€219 product) are included. So, head over to the Arturia Facebook page and like them to get yours NOW!

Of course, we'll be reminding everyone throughout the day. Make sure you're following MusicRadar on Twitter, Facebook or even Google+.

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