Free EP has iPhone app on every track

29th Jun 2010 | 14:21

Free EP has iPhone app on every track

DopplerPad is the star of Outer Spaces

Retronyms has released a free EP on which its DopplerPad iPhone app was used to help create every track.

Outer Spaces features music by Eskimo, Exillon, Jneiro Jarel and Starkey. The artists weren't told to use DopplerPad exclusively, but to make sure it was used in the production process in some way.

This being the case, it's impossible to know what's 'iPhone' and what's 'studio gear' when you're listening to the EP, but Retronyms does believe that this is the first such release to feature an iOS app in every track.

You can listen to or download Outer Spaces for free at the DopplerPad website.

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