Fire extinguisher speaker mod looks great, sounds tinny?

30th Oct 2008 | 16:11

Homemade gear just got hotter

Usually, and as the name suggests, fire extinguishers are used to extinguish fire. These modded speakers, however, are more likely to start one: a raging inferno of ownership envy. If only we could buy one…

These are homemade speakers crafted from empty fire extinguisher canisters. An extremely talented DIYer posted a photo step-by-step guide of how he built these bad boys, which is handy because the rest of the instructions are in Russian.

In a nutshell, he goes from this…

Fire extinguisher speaker

To this...

Fire extinguisher mod

And to this...

Fire extinguisher speaker

And then to this...

Fire extinguisher speaker


With the thick metal shell, it's hard to tell how they'd sound - tinny perhaps? Actually, who cares? We'd take a set on looks alone...

(TopMods via: BoingBoing)

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